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What is it ?

Nothing all very serious, in fact :) A Potty License is a certificate attesting to your right to use the toilet, or on the contrary to be protected with different accessories, such as diapers.

This allows you to portray your "little" or "furry", providing a mix of real and fictional information. This card can be used as a signature on your various social network or forum profiles.

Here are some examples:

Create a new license

Want to create your own license ? This is the place for! And it's free !

Just click this button. No e-mail and no credit card required.

Check an existing license

Want to check if a license is still active or if the data is correct? Who knows, maybe someone has time to waste on making a fake potty license.

Just type in the number of an existing license to check (you can find it at point 6).

Edit my license

Did you pass a potty test successfully? Yeah! Congratulations! You can now refresh your potty license.

Enter your private key here. Lost your private key? Click here if you give us your e-mail. Otherwise, there is nothing we can do... just create a new one.

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