Maybe Potty Licenses existed before KaiTiggy (, but it is thanks to them that the concept seems to have spread. In a tweet dated January 4, 2018 (, the announcement of the launch of the website hosted on ( was made.

Although the site generated numerous licenses that were spread on social media, it closed its doors in November 2020. The author explains the reasons here:

Since then, it has been possible to purchase the model to configure it oneself on There are also various websites that provide graphic templates for self-configuration.

In 2023, while I was browsing Instagram, I was contacted by a Mommy who quickly wanted to sell me a potty license at the exorbitant price of $200. Intrigued, I rushed to the Internet to search for what a Potty License is and discovered the summarized history above. Finding the idea very amusing, I contacted KaiTiggy to see if I could reopen a website on the same theme. After receiving a rather incomplete response and fueled by creativity, I decided to create a new site with a new design.

On April 16, 2023, a new site was launched at the address, and the very first license was created. On May 6, a first license was created by a user. In less than 2 months, over 200 licenses were created.

The story of this site is just beginning, and I will be adding new features as desires and proposals arise.


PS: There are numerous connections from Nigeria... I suspect that some virtual Mommies are already trying to sell them. If you hear about any abuse, please let me know. And if the phenomenon intensifies, I will restrict access from certain regions of the world.